MoD of Russia Reports for October 26th, 2022…

26.10.2022 (18:00) CMD Uragan MLRS crews have hit over 100 targets The list of the neutralised targets includes strongpoints, ammunition depots, armoured hardware, firepower and concentration areas of enemy manpower.
26.10.2022 (16:25) Russian Defence Minister reports results of strategic deterrence forces’ training to Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Russian Armed Forces According to the General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, the forces have practiced strategic offensive operations in response to potential enemy’s nuclear attack.
26.10.2022 (14:00) WMD army aviation crews help civilians evacuate from danger area Moreover, pilots destroy AFU armoured hardware and facilities, escort military convoys, deliver personnel and shipment, as well as provide air support to units.
26.10.2022 (13:30) Russian and Chinese defence ministers discuss situation in Ukraine The heads of the defence ministries of the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation held a video conference.
26.10.2022 (13:05) Russian and Indian defence ministers hold telephone talks Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation General of the Army Sergei Shoigu conveyed to the Indian counterpart his concerns about possible provocations by Ukraine with the use of a ‘dirty bomb’.
26.10.2022 (12:00) Mobilised servicemen master army tactical shooting in Transbaikalia Servicemen are to neutralise targets at ranges from 25 to 50 metres using AK-12 assault rifles.
26.10.2022 (07:30) Mobilised personnel destroy mock enemy’s command posts Personnel had been informed about safety regulations and shooting specifics before the exercise.
26.10.2022 (05:30) Mobilised personnel attend final shooting exercise at CMD training ground in Samara region Servicemen have previously passed special training course, learnt explosives, tactical medicine and army tactical shooting.