MoD of Russia Reports for October 4th, 2022…

04.10.2022 (13:35) Defence Minister hosts teleconference with Armed Forces leadership Opening the session, the General of the Army Sergei Shoigu reminded that the partial mobilisation has been carried out since September 21 according to the Presidential Decree.
04.10.2022 (11:30) Mobilised citizens commence combat cohesion and fire training in Siberia Experienced instructors teach the servicemen to shoot with Kalashnikov assault rifles and machine guns, as well as with grenade launchers and throwing grenades.
04.10.2022 (10:00) Mobilised citizens improve their skills in driving infantry combat vehicles and tanks in Buryatia The trainees are not only those who have a title of tank operator, but also tractor and bulldozer drivers.
04.10.2022 (07:00) Mobilised citizens use modern AK-12 for practicing in Transbaikalia Special area with sheltering walls, passages and corridors designed for shooting has been deployed at Peschanka training ground.
04.10.2022 (05:15) Russian Airborne Troops’ units neutralise AFU forces within special military operation The attack has resulted in the elimination of 5 tanks, 6 infantry combat vehicles, 23 armoured combat vehicles and 11 motor vehicles.
04.10.2022 (05:00) Mobilised citizens from Sverdlovsk region attend combat training in special military operation area The training course includes medicine, tactics, shooting, as well as learning and operating modern communications facilities.

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