MoD of Russia Reports for September 1, 2022…

01.09.2022 (13:30) A range of engineering support activities were carried out at training grounds of Eastern MD as part of Vostok 2022 exercise During the exercise, military engineers equipped the troops’ positions, prepared movement routes, set up engineering barriers and carried out camouflage measures.
01.09.2022 (11:00) Pacific Fleet’s minesweepers ensure the departure of the fleet’s naval forces from their bases during Vostok 2022 exercise As part of the training exercise, a potential adversary set up minefields in the intended path of deployment of the Russian ships.
01.09.2022 (10:30) Russian Defence Ministry statement on the situation at Zaporozhye NPP Ukrainian artillery is shelling the territory of Zaporozhye NPP, the meeting place of IAEA mission near Vasil’evka. Four shells exploded 400 metres from the 1st unit of Zaporozhye NPP.
01.09.2022 (10:00) During Vostok 2022 stratedic command post exercise, units of Air Defence Troops of the Eastern Military District take up combat duty in new positional areas Air defence units of the Eastern Military District have marched on standard equipment from their permanent deployment points.
01.09.2022 (09:38) Coalition troops participating in Vostok 2022 exercise are in their designated assembly areas The coalition forces are to carry out joint defensive and offensive training tasks.
01.09.2022 (09:30) Military signalmen march to designated areas during Vostok 2022 exercise Upon arrival, the troops began deploying communication stations on the basis of KamAZ all-terrain vehicles.
01.09.2022 (05:20) Pacific Fleet warships begin deployment at sea as part of Vostok 2022 exercise More than 50 warships, boats, submarines and auxiliary vessels are already operating in tactical groups at sea training ranges in the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk at this stage.
01.09.2022 (05:15) Fighter aircraft of the Eastern Military District take up combat duty at operational airfields as part of Vostok 2022 exercise The fighter aviation crews will have to practice intercepting air targets, carry out tasks to cover strike aircraft operations, as well as air strikes against ground targets and air support to troops.
01.09.2022 (05:00) Servicemen of the Western Military District received state awards for their courage, bravery and selflessness during the special military operation Lieutenant General Mikhail Zusko, Chief of Staff of the Russian Groupping of Forces (Forces) West, took part in the award ceremony.


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