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🇷🇺 Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu inspects implementation of state defence order in Tula region.

💥 Missile Troops and Artillery of the Yug Group of Forces and Operational-Tactical Aviation provide air and fire support to the offensive. Over the past 24 hours, aircraft flew 11 sorties close to Artyomovsk and the Missile Troops and Artillery carried out 48 firing missions for this purpose. The enemy’s losses amounted to over 450 Ukrainian troops and mercenaries, three tanks, three infantry fighting vehicles, six armoured fighting vehicles, D-20 and a MSTA-B howitzers, as well as two U.S.-made AN/TPQ-50 radar stations over the past day in this direction.

◽️ In Donetsk direction, the main forces of the Russian troops were concentrated near the city of Artyomovsk.  The Wagner assault groups continued fighting to seize blocks in the central part of Artyomovsk and push the enemy to the western outskirts of the settlement. On the flanks, the assault teams are supported by the Airborne Troops.

📷 Press centre chiefs of ‘Zapad’, ‘Vostok’, ‘Tsentr’, ‘Dnepr’, and ‘Yug’ groups of forces make statements on current situation in the areas of responsibility.

📹 Russian Defence Ministry shows topographic service of Western MD and airborne assault groups in action within the special military operation.

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