MoD Top news for May 23, 2022

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💥 High-precision air-based missiles have hit 3 command posts, 13 areas of Ukrainian manpower and military equipment concentration, as well as 4 ammunition depots near Soledar, Sol’ in Donetsk People’s Republic and Nyrkovo in Lugansk People’s Republic.

💥 Missile troops and artillery have hit 583 areas of enemy’s manpower and military equipment concentration, 41 command posts, 76 artillery and mortar units at firing positions, including 3 batteries of Grad MLRS, as well as the Ukrainian Bukovel electronic warfare station near Annovka, Nikolaev Region.

📹 Footage of Ka-52 attack helicopter crews in action has been published. The Ministry continues to report daily on the heroes of the special military operation.

🚛 Russian servicemen continue their humanitarian mission in the territories liberated from Ukrainian radicals: civilians in Kharkov Region have been evacuated to the Russian Federation, a batch of humanitarian aid was delivered to Melitopol, and medical equipment and medications were delivered to one of the liberated settlements of Lugansk People’s Republic.

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