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🇷🇺 Supreme Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Putin oversees exercises of Russia’s strategic nuclear deterrence forces: Yars ICBM, Sineva ballistic missile launched by the nuclear ballistic submarine (SSBN) ‘Tula’ (Northern Fleet), and two Tu-95MS strategic bombers.

🇷🇺🇨🇳🇮🇳 Russia’s Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu holds telephone talks with his Indian counterpart Rajnath Singh, and videoconference with his Chinese counterpart General Wei Fenghe.

💥 In the Kupyansk direction, the enemy was driven back to the initial positions by Russia’s troops, artillery fire, army and ground-attack aviation, and heavy flamethrower systems. More than 160 militants, 5 tanks, 9 armoured fighting vehicles, and 10 pickup trucks have been neutralised.

💥 In the Nikolayev–Krivoy Rog direction, the enemy, with up to 2 battalion tactical groups, failed attempts for the attack in the directions of Ishchenka, Bruskinskoye, Pyatikhatki, and Koshara (Kherson region).

💥 13 shells of the U.S. HIMARS MLRS were shot down over the settlements of Burgunka, Olgovka, Nikolayevka, Novaya Kakhovka, Ponyatovka, Nikolskoye (Kherson region) and Novonikolskoye (Lugansk People’s Republic).

🪖 Mobilised personnel continue their training course in the Central Military District.

📹 Russian Defence Ministry has published footage of Army Aviation fire support team, in combat action within the special military operation.

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