More sanctions on Russia for interfering in USA election?

Citing three unidentified officials from the US Department of State, CNN reported Tuesday that aside from Russia, the looming sanctions will also be targeting China and Iran.

Sanctions are basically for two reasons:

First the elected members of the US Congress are scared of the Russian, Iranian and Chinese people, for some unknown psychosis reason and just find ways to make the people in those countries lives difficult in the hope they will pledge allegiance to the US Government and bow to the King….Second, they can and or do distract the US people from its own governments domestic problems by saying there is a threat to our peaceful way of life…

Both reasons are built on flagrant lies, but that is a huge part of the US political system…

So once again, the king (USA) of interfering in other countries elections all over the world, is crying about countries that they claim allegedly to have interfered in its (USA) own fraudulent based elections!

You cannot make this stuff up!


PS: This is also just a temper tantrum because the U.S. isn’t getting its way with Nord Stream 2…

Well looky looky Chinese sanctions for absolutly no reason…

The US has compiled a list of 24 officials from China and Hong Kong, for which foreign financial institutions will be prohibited from making significant transactions under the threat of US sanctions, the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said on Tuesday.

Source: State Dept to Sanction Institutions That Conduct Transactions With 24 Chinese, Hong Kong Officials – Sputnik International

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