Moscow Metro: Part 1


I was drinking my second cup of coffee & I was thinking about the Moscow Metro. So I did a little home work on the Metro.
Moscow Metro (Russian: Московский метрополитен), which spans almost the entire Russian capital, is one of the world’s most heavily used metro systems. It is well known for the ornate design of many of its stations, which contain beautiful examples of socialist realist art.In total, the Moscow Metro has 292.9 km of route length, 12 lines and 176 stations; on a normal weekday it carries over 7 million passengers. Passenger traffic is considerably lower on weekends bringing the average daily passenger traffic during the year to 6.8 million passengers per day. The Moscow Metro is a state-owned enterprise.
The Moscow Metro is opens at about 5:30am until 1:00am the next day. The cost to ride the Metro is currently: (Jan, 2008) ; 1 ride is 19 rubles (78 US cents).

I think that the Moscow Metro is fabulous and this is the first of three articles that I am going to do on the Metro.

Lastest Statistics from Metro Site! Link…

Passengers 2475.6 million passengers
— privileged category 917.3 million passengers
—— students and schoolchildren 254.6 million passengers
Maximum daily ridership 9149.5 thousand passengers
Revenue from fares (2005) 15997.4 million rubles
Route length 292.9 km
Number of lines 12
Longest line Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya (41.2 km)
Shortest line Kakhovskaya (3.3 km)
Longest section StroginoKrylatskoye (6.7 km)
Shortest section Delovoy TsentrMezhdunarodnaya (502 m)
Number of stations 176
— transfer stations 60
— transfer points 27
— surface/elevated 15
Deepest station Park Pobedy (84 m)
Most shallow underground station Pechatniki
Station with the longest platform Vorobyevy Gory (282 m)
Number of stations single entrance 70
Total number of entrances 271
— with surface vestibules 122
Total area of cladding 754.3 thousand sq. m.
— with marble tiles 340.1 thousand sq. m.
— with granite tiles 68.6 thousand sq. m.
— with different tiles 210.7 thousand sq. m.
— Other cladding materials 134.9 thousand sq. m.
Number of turnstiles 2374
Number of stations with escalators 124
Number of escalators 631
— including Monorail stations 18
Total length of all escalator 65.4 km
Number of depots 15
Total number of train runs per day 9915
Average speed:
— commercial 41.71 km/h
— technical (2005) 48.85 km/h
Total number of cars (per day) 4428
Cars in service (average per day) 3397
Total run of cars 679.6 million car-kilometres
— with passengers 649.5 million car-kilometres
Average run of cars per day 548.1 car-kilometres
Average passengers per car 53 people
Longest escalator 126 m (Park Pobedy)
Total number of ventilation shafts 393
Number of ventilation systems 4965
Number of medical stations 46
Total number of employees 34792 people
— males 18291 people
— females 16448 people
Timetable fulfilment 99.96 %
Minimum average interval 90 sec
Average passenger trip 13.0 km

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