Moscow, Russia is Rehabbing the Flats!


I was walking the dog and decided to take some pictures of the flats being rehabbed in Moscow. All over the city flats are being given a face lift and having internal work being done.

Svetlana’s Mother just had her flat rehabbed. It got new siding on the outside and new windows and doors on the inside. I believe it even got a new heating system put in.

These pictures are from around our flat area but they show what is being done all over the city. I like it…

Going from this –
and this!
To this –
and this –
and this!
By this government organization!

So I think that the buildings are going to look a lot better and much more uniform and modern.

Funny thing happened though. While Boza and I where standing taking pictures and looking up at the workers on the buildings. Around 15 people had stopped behind us staring up at the building trying to see what Boza and I were looking at.

I turned around as I told Boza lets go home and found all kinds of people looking at me and the building. Then they all looked at the ground and went about their business again.

This is a normal phenomenon that I have discovered in Moscow. I can be studying something in the sky and 10 people will see me and they will stop to see what I am looking at.

I never had that before in America but in Russia it is common. I think it is because no one ever looks up any higher than eye level and when someone does and is noticed people feel that it must be important.

The problem is that I look all around all the time. I am a observer. One of those people who notice everything and everyone. So I get people looking at what I am studying at all the time. 🙂

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Kyle & Svet

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