Moscow , Russia: The Sun Tries to Set!


I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and remembered that I took some pictures last night when I walked the dog. I grabbed the cell phone camera to see what and if they came out.

I got a couple of good pictures out of the 20 pictures – I took. So lets see what I got.

This is 2:30 am in Moscow and the sun is finishing setting or at least the last of the day light. Boza and I took a walk and when we came back at 3:30 am to the same spot in the lower picture. That is when we found that the day was beginning again… (It just got lighter from there.) This is the same window just angled slightly different. It is all North….

2:30 am West
3:30am East

In that hour or so, the light just flipped around the curve of the planet and started in a new spot. Right now in Moscow it never gets completely dark.

Ok – I realize that it is dark, but someone like me who grew up in the country in the USA this is not dark. There is enough light to buck hay all night and not need any head lights on the tractors or trucks.

Strange feeling for this country boy from America, what we need to do is go up North even farther. They say the sun never sets…

Windows to Russia!
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