The Moskvich Automobile Plant has certified two new crossover models – Moskvich 3 (a version of the Chinese JAC JS4 crossover) and Moskvich 3e (a version of the electric JAC iEVs4), papers are published by Rosstandart…

Rosstandart issued a vehicle type approval (OTTS) for the Russian crossovers Moskvich 3 and Moskvich 3e, Izvestia reports, citing data from the Rosstandart database.According to the document, the production of the Moskvich 3 model will be launched in modifications with atmospheric and supercharged gasoline engines with a capacity of 109 and 150 hp. With. In the first case, the car will have a manual transmission, and a variator can be installed on a modification with a turbo engine.Moskvich 3e will be equipped with a 68 hp electric motor. With. and a traction battery with a capacity of 187 Ah. The power reserve on one charge will be 410 km.

Source: Moskvich Automobile Plant received certificates for two new models



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