MRI half done…

By | March 16, 2018

Yesterday I got my brain scanned. Next Tuesday, I will get my throat and sinus scanned? I ran into issues and half to think about what to do. I fit the machine and that was not an issue and the brain scan went fine, not an issue, but when they put the throat clamps around my neck….it was too tight and it was not possible for me to lay for an hour and get my sinuses and throat scanned…

I guess claustrophobia took over and Merry Christmas, I wanted to tear the machine in half. Thus, I hit the button for better stop or else and I got out. Guess I am wimpy? But it was a real thing and I have to discover how to get this done and not have my neck constricted. I have a 22 inch neck measurement and the equipment is not comfortable for that size. Average neck size is about 15 inches for men and as you see I am far above that…

After analyzing nearly 4,000 men, the researchers determined the average neck circumference for a guy was about 15 inches.

For each 1-inch increase in neck circumference—say, comparing average-necked guys with those with a 16-inch neck—men were 32 percent more likely to have insulin resistance, 24 percent more likely to have raised blood pressure, 50 percent more likely to have high triglycerides, and 22 percent more likely to have low HDL, or “good” cholesterol.

That article if even half true is not a good thing for guys with bull necks….I have had six heart attacks. I have diabetes. I struggle with cholesterol.  I have high blood pressure. I also have six inches on the average guy for neck size….Hmm, maybe it is correct?


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