My true food cost a year later… (2014 to 2015)

By | January 8, 2016

CaptureA year ago in December of 2014, I posted food prices in Moscow. Someone has asked by e-mail what they are now. “Now,” is pricing from a Tiny Russian Village and prices are better in Moscow. But I will compare what I have…

Last year…

Loaf white of bread, uncut – 4.5 rubles… (down 50% – to 8 cents a loaf)

100 grams coffee – 89 rubles… (down from 106 rubles to $1.57 a can)

Red beets – 5 rubles a kilo… (9 cents a kilo)

Whole Russian chicken – 78 rubles per kilo… ($1.38 a kilo)

1 big fat yellow onion – 3 rubles…

Boza’s Pedigree dog food in a pack – 100 grams, 13.9 rubles…”

I just went to the store a week ago still in 2015… (Thus Dec. to Dec.)

This Year…

Loaf of white bread, uncut – 7 rubles… (Bought from local bakery!)

100 grams of coffee – 79 rubles… (Different brand! But hundreds to choose from!)

Beets – 7 rubles a kilo… (Winter prices are higher!)

Whole Russian chicken – 82 rubles a kilo… (I do not buy whole in the village in winter. Too cold to cut up outside! I now buy chicken breasts at 128 rubles a kilo!)

Yellow onions – 10 rubles a kilo…

Boza’s Pedigree dog food in a pack – 100 grams, 15 rubles per pack… (I buy lots at this price and Boza eats 15 + a day! Expensive dog! But Happy and healthy!)

I want to add: 100 tea bags – 48 rubles, Navel Oranges large – 48 rubles a kilo. Bananas – 47 rubles a kilo. Milk liter – 32 rubles. Kielbasa – 148 rubles for 250 grams. Cottage Cheese – 48 rubles half kilo per bulk. Black Bread – 15 rubles per 2 kilo loaf (just bought two loaves of black (plus two loaves of white) for my buddy Vova,)  soup noodle packs – 5.59 rubles each, frozen cheese burgers and frozen roll wraps – each 49 rubles, can of beef meat stew – 69 rubles… (I buy at times for Vova; cigarettes – 40 rubles a pack, vodka – 185 rubles a liter!)

I could go on and on, but prices are good and not much worse than in Moscow a year ago. Now if I desire to spend lots of money; there is much more expensive items of each above that I can buy to waste money. Yes people do buy and waste money, but I shop and go to several stores to buy what is priced good…

Example; carrots from Israel – 100 rubles a kilo compared to 20 rubles a kilo for Russian. Beets from Belarus 30 rubles a kilo and such as that. Why buy when higher? But people do, so do not complain of high prices…

No shortages, no excessive prices and only too many people in lines, because the Big Village is so crowded. That is with three large chain type stores trying to keep up with all the people shopping. No lack of money around this area… (The poor one is me!)

Glad I have a Tiny Russian Village to go to when I am done shopping! 😉

Kyle and Boza at the Tiny Russian Village! Soon to see Sveta on the 14th…
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