NATO, French, and other officers are scared of coming out. The question is, who are they scared the most of?

Good article below. The ones left are high level and scared of what is too come? But who are they scared of and what do they know?

At the same time, the hesitations of those who have not yet left the cellars of Azovstal are understandable. They apparently would like some guarantees for themselves. As we understand, the most stubborn remained, well, the top of the unit.

However, the bitter truth for them and for Ukraine as a whole is that official Kyiv cannot give them any guarantees. Therefore, it does not affect the situation in Mariupol at all. And the commanders of “Azov” are ready to kill or torture anyone you want. But they are not ready to die. It happens.

And of course, you are right, brother Zhenya. Kyiv needs Azov people more dead. Dead heroes of the war with Muscovites. And then the living will come to Kyiv and begin to tell how they were thrown by politicians. This has already happened with Nadezhda Savchenko. And here is a strange picture. Alive militants “Azov” can only get out of captivity. Only Russia and the DPR can give them security guarantees. Moreover, as previous practice shows, let’s say. Marines from the 36th brigade are being held captive, and this is clearly better than the factory basement.

But to admit that only the hated Russians can give them security guarantees, the Azov militants can hardly. And they can’t at all. But I want to live. However, I’m afraid to go out. And finally I don’t want to lose face and show-off (although much more). In short, there is a dead end everywhere.

And even the alternative is a dead end. Because the alternative to captivity is called FAB-3000.

I think that we will see how a day or two the leaders of “Azov” painfully chooses between two options that are bad for themselves. I am sure, by the way, that they would now give half their lives for a ten-minute personal meeting with Zelensky and Arestovich. But unfortunately we cannot offer such a wonderful option. Captivity or FAB.
Captivity is better. Even for Azov.


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