New Information on Russian Computers!


A reader gave me very good new information on Russian Computer Program.
All prices are in Rubles and figure 25 Rubles for every Dollar. So 7800/25=$312.00 for the cheapest system. (Delivered) I reprinted the comment because he put a lot of effort into looking everything up.
Thanks Peter


said… et cetera: 7800 is the price for the cheapest model with Linux and including delivery cost.

It’s not a high price, but not exceptionally low too.

It’s a good program per se, but one of the reasons it does not work is that computer stores are often closer than post offices. 50000 is too much for that bad advertisement. The easiest scenario a computer may be bought there, as I imagine, is that:
1. A person gets interested in computers some way (that’s easy).
2. The person visits post office regularly (a pensioner getting pension there? most of my acquaintances do neither visit post offices regularly, nor like the visits when they do, including me).
3. The person pays attention to the “pcdom” (I didn’t).
4. The person either buys a computer for a minor without consent or asks richer relatives and persuades them to buy it at post office (i.e. not at the favorite or nearest store).

Configurations(russian should not be a problem)/prices:
1. 7800 r.
2. 17000 r.
3. 22000 r.
4. 21400 r. (notebook with Windows XP: this should be interesting)
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