New Orthodox Cross, in a field? (Images)

By | May 11, 2016

Father Pavel came to the Tiny Russian Village yesterday and they put up a cross in a field…

Oh yes, the note on the cross talks about a cemetery for the monastery from the old days. It talks about male monks, but I know that the monastery was a female monastery?

No says Svetochka, “They talk about female monks cemetery and it talks that male monks put this cross in memory cemetery of female monks and their abbess Evseviya.

Oh well okay, I still told Svetochka that there was a cemetery up top of the village. She never understood how I know this, but I do and maybe the wandering souls will find peace in the fact that they have finally removed the homes that were built on top of it. I also know that several Saints were buried in this cemetery…

Looks like the Orthodox Church has reclaimed this piece of land and pulled it back into the monastery fold. That is good, but the guy living across from the cemetery seems to be unhappy. I doubt anyone realized that a cemetery was actually located here, inside the village borders. Everyone thought that it was only down by the pine forest, in the valley….This is a church cemetery from the olden days…


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