Military Hospital named after N.Burdenko develops and introduces new 3D-implant-modeling method to fully recover critically injured patients’ limbs

🏥 The new development of military healthcare professionals from the hospital named after N.Burdenko will allow to create individual three-dimensional customised implants that fully fit the lost bone fragments in terms of size and shape.

◽️ Implants are to be installed in the defect area, and to be filled with elements of bone tissues, speciall grown with patient’s stem cells, as well as with muscular tissues, and fragments of patient’s origin.

◽️ This kind of injuries used to result in the amputation. Patients’ rehabilitation took several years, while some of the patients have not succeeded in fully regaining the functioning of their injured limbs.

◽️ The employment of the innovative method to recover limbs multiply reduces the period of rehabilitation.



By Russian_Village

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