New Russian Heart valve Implanted for the first time: world’s best heart valve…

Heart surgeons have performed the first-ever implantation of the artificial heart valve, which was developed in Russia. The valve was produced in the Moscow-based Bakulev’s Center of Cardiac Surgery in cooperation with a company from Penza. The valve differs from all of its predecessors for better blood pass-ability. For the time being, the Russian, full-flow valve is considered the best in the world.

“The problem of mechanical prostheses, which make up 85 percent of the total amount of practice, is that they create a so-called gradient – an obstacle for the heart to release blood,” said Leo Bokeria, the Director of Bakulev’s Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery, NTV reports. The folds of the valve would partly hinder the blood flow even in the open position. If the heart is small, the heart of a child, for example, it would become an irresistible side effect.

The surgery to install the valve was performed by a team of cardiac surgeons under the leadership of academician Leo Bokeria on a 63-year-old female patient, a resident of the Kaluga region, says The patient was diagnosed with “aortic heart defect” that caused numerous complications. With this pathology, the aortic hiatus does not close completely, as is necessary for the proper work of the heart, and during diastole, the reverse flow of blood from the aorta into the left ventricle occurs.

The patient is doing well and each year, about 125,000 Russians are in need of such an operation. In addition, this valve is ideal for child surgeries…

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