New Year Speech From Russia: by Medvedev!

Dear friends!

We will soon be seeing in the New Year, greeting 2009.

Getting straight to the point, I would like to give you all my best wishes for this, everyone’s favorite celebration, when we take a moment to remember the past year, in which we saw happiness and disappointment, joy and loss. We each have our own experiences, and now is the time to remember them. And all our individual lives, actions and feelings are what combine to make our great country, Russia.

We have already proved how much we can do together, that we can triumph. And this year our nation has been sorely tested, and has come through with confidence and dignity, thanks to you – its citizens. I am certain that we will be able to deal with whatever difficulties we may meet in the future. And also that the state will do everything it can to make this possible.

In a few moments the dates on the calendars will change, but our essential values remain unchanging, these values – devotion to our loved ones, friendship, loyalty, sympathy and charity – remain as an anchor for us at all times. They give us strength in any difficult situation and help us not just overcome difficulties but raise us to new heights.

Now, in these minutes I would like to turn to our parents and thank them for their care and understanding, and wish them above all good health. We really do need you, and you are very dear to us. I would like also to congratulate our children on this holiday. We will do everything we can to make sure you are happy, but remember, that a lot depends on you yourselves.

Dear friends. It is time to greet the New Year. Let us take this moment to wish our loved ones, our dear ones, well. Wherever we are seeing in this New Year – whether we are at home, among friends, or even at work, now we are thinking about our nearest and dearest.

New Years Eve is a time of hope. I wish each of us peace, love and the fulfillment of all your wishes.

I wish you happiness! Happy New Year!


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