~~ New Zealand Covid-19 Serious crimes ~~

NZ police have made a bizarre arrest after a pair of alleged gang associates were caught trying to enter Auckland with a boot full of KFC chicken and tens of thousands of dollars.The men were charged with breaching the country’s tough Covid-19 rules.Under Auckland’s strict Level 4 lockdown, all restaurants, including take-away services, remain closed.

Source: New Zealand Covid: Men caught smuggling KFC into lockdown-hit Auckland – BBC News

~~ Gang Bangers smuggling KFC, it is a clown world. How can they allow KFC to continue distributing their contraband with impunity? ~~

~~ I guess the police were hungry? With the price of fast food? The $100,000 would barely be enough money to buy all that KFC on the hood! ~~

Yes it is a King Covid Clown World…

Mommy….whens the KFC coming? I am hungry…


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