News From Russia: February 3rd, 2009!

Windows to Russia!Russia’s WBA Heavyweight Champion Nikolai Valuev has opened a professional boxing Windows to Russia!school in his hometown of St. Petersburg, the boxer’s website said on Tuesday.

Russia and Belarus will step up efforts to create a customs union and a common economic space, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Tuesday.

The European parliament wants Russia to join the Nabucco pipeline project, planned to pump gas from Central Asia to Europe, a European diplomatic source said on Tuesday.

The Russian and Kyrgyzstan presidents, Dmitry Medvedev and Kurmanbek Bakiyev, are expected to discuss on Tuesday settlement of Kyrgyzstan’s debt to Russia and a further loan to the impoverished Central Asian state.

Russia’s most wanted footballer, Andrey Arshavin, has signed a contract with Arsenal, which will keep him at the North London club until 2012. The English Premier League must confirm the deal before it becomes official.

A seven-year-old boy who died defending his elder sister from a rapist has been honored with an Order of Courage medal. Evgeny Tabakov’s mother picked up the award for her dead son.

The fate of a US airbase in Kyrgyzstan hangs in the balance. The Americans have been told they’ll have to clear out if they don’t pay more.

The number of unemployed people in Russia has grown by 94,000 (6 per cent) in the past week. Official figures released on Tuesday show that 1,642,000 are currently out of a job and looking for work.