NGO terrorized by Russia: Why Do We Have a Two Faced World…

“In Russia, State officials have inspected dozens of NGOs across the country in the past few weeks to see how the new law about “Foreign Agent” is being implemented, but Russia has come under fire from western based international human rights groups and Western governments for carrying out unannounced and lengthy inspections…”

Why – it is being compared to shear terrorism, as the NGO are trying to cope with the stress… 🙁

I have a question: Where were all these human rights groups and western governments when I lived years and years under a situation that had “unannounced and lengthy inspections?” I worked 14 to 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, 30+ or – days a month, 12 months a year and the longest stretch no vacation – 10 years. Under these hours I had to be prepared for a inspection at anytime day or night, and I better not fail two inspections in a row… (Or else!) We will not even talk about human rights in the military and that I dealt with for several years…

So I will tell you what!

To the foreign NGO situation in Russia, “Grow up and get your ass prepared for inspections and get your paperwork in order as you are told! Or else get the hell out of Dodge and quit crying.”

Next for the western government, “Try taking care of your own people in the west first and quit imposing a double set of rules on the world and your home country! You never gave a crap if I was inspected 24 hours a day and my job/bonus was balanced on these inspections”

The bottom line is this, “Good enough for the goose good enough for the gander!”

or I like this one also…

“The pot calling the kettle black!”

On the spot and unannounced inspections are part of real life and following the rules is part of any organizations life…

Post by Kyle Keeton
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