Night Before Christmas: Russian Style… (Video)

Night Before Christmas: Russian Style… (Video)

Very good and worth watching video:

First video is FLV file format….very old and in most cases does not work. Scroll down and get MP4 version if you need to…

Download – nightbeforexmas FLV version

Above is the old FLV file format. You can still download it, if you desire?

New MP4 format below:

MP4 Download link… (Just load link & right click and save video as.)

Many years ago Sveta and I made this video from a Russian archive we found. Since then thousands upon thousands of our readers have watched this movie in the last few weeks, not including the 10’s of thousands before that over the years. Therefore, once again (and again over the years), I updated it and I added a link this year to allow anyone to download the file and keep it. It is a Soviet classic and some web browsers do not play the file correctly. It is now in both FLV and MP4 available above… (Or here.)

Download – nightbeforexmas FLV version

MP4 Download link… (Just load link & right click and save video as.)

If all else fails just click the image and it many times will start playing. It works good in Chrome, fair in Firefox, good in Opera, and terrible in IE…

This way you are able to watch the movie and use your video player inboard your OS…

Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro’ the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…


Get that out of your head, like I had to, and watch this Russian version, and do not have those sugar plums dancing in your head…

The other version is of the Western Santa Claus. The Russian version is the video above that Sveta and I spent painstaking days trying to get it to a position, that English speakers could attempt to watch it. This version has now been stolen and used on YouTube as “their own” original… LOL… 😉

“The Night Before Christmas” – a story written by Russian writer Nikolai Gogol…

Sum it up: Interesting story (Part of the Farm Series by Gogol,) about how on Christmas Eve, “The Devil made Me Do It!”


Nikolai Gogol

Night Before Christmas is a story of the sins. Taking the form of a fairy tale and we all know fairy tales are vicious stories of the old times. This video tells the tale with a devil, a woman, Vakula the blacksmith and the intertwined people amongst them all. Vakula wants to win the heart of the woman – named Oksana…

This is wishing you an upcoming very Merry Christmas, from Sveta and Kyle…


Night Before Christmas: Russian Style… (Video)

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