Nobody Would Know I Was Defeated by Russia…

Once upon a time: Attila the Hun, Napoleon of France and Alexander the Great were having a deep meaningful discussion. They were talking about what could have been…

Attila the Hun said, shaking his head sadly: “If I had machine guns, I would have conquered all of Europe!”

Alexander the Great said: “That is nothing. If I had tanks, I would have conquered all of India!”

Napoleon of France said, “Who cares about weapons?” as a tear fell from his eye, “If I had the MSM*, nobody in the world would know I was defeated by Russia!” he sniffled…

* (MSM – Mainstream Media – generic for any American/Western media)

I heard this today and really liked it. I am not much on jokes but this one just seems so possibly true… :)

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia!

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