Nothing goes to waste: the Russian way…

By | October 6, 2015

In the villages, nothing goes to waste. When it is mushroom season, they scour the hills for mushrooms, strawberry season is the same, so on and so on. So why would it be different with the shutting down of a fish lake?

It is not and once the lake people got what they wanted, they cleaned up, locked the doors and waved goodbye until next year. Then out from the woods came the scavengers… 😉

No not foxes, bears and wild dogs. But villagers from the surrounding villages. They bring nets of various sizes. Thus, some of them get bigger fish and some just want the tiny little fish. There is enough for all and all have to work hard to get what there is left over. So, of course I took some pictures as they tramped through the sandy mud of the lake…

fish fry tonightAt one point about twenty villagers from somewhere were scooping the left over fish. When they would get a big one, you could hear the whooping and hollering all around. Boza and I walked the empty lake edge and we saw a guy with a huge bag of small fry fish and he was high-tailing it across the lake and going home. He had a big smile on his face, for momma was going to fix fish tonight… 🙂

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