Now you know how stupid the US is…

We the USA, owns the sandbox and either you like it or else!

Blinken also added that the United States and Russia can work on mutual interests such as strategic stability and extending the New START arms control treaty if the Russian president “chooses not to escalate”.

“If he chooses not to escalate, then I think there are areas where we can work together out of our mutual shared interests,” Blinken said. “For example, strategic stability, extended New START – there’s more to be done in that area.”

Source: US, Russia Can Work on Mutual Interests if Moscow ‘Chooses Not to Escalate’, Blinken Says – Sputnik International

As the US puts it: “If Russia plays by ‘OUR’ rules, and only our rules – no matter what we do and say, and they don’t retaliate/escalate at our rules, we can play. Otherwise we are taking our ball and going home!”

Is he this stupid or is he that stupid to believe his rhetoric?


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