Official Statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry in connection with the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge…

⚡️ On the night of July 17, the Crimean bridge was subjected to another terrorist attack using two Ukrainian surface unmanned aerial vehicles. One of the sections of the roadway was damaged.

Civilians died – Aleksey and Natalya Kulik, residents of the Novooskolsky urban district of the Belgorod region, who were following the bridge in a car. Their 14-year-old daughter Angelina was left an orphan and was hospitalized in a moderate condition.

In Kyiv, they said that the incident was the result of a joint operation of the Naval Forces and the Security Service of Ukraine. This confirms the involvement of the country’s political leadership and special services in the terrorist attack . Even more cynical and monstrous was the reaction of a number of Ukrainian parliamentarians to the tragedy of the Kulik family. They began to mock at human grief, which allows us to draw conclusions about the level of moral and mental development of Kiev politicians.

A criminal case has been initiated on the fact of the act of terrorism , within the framework of which the necessary investigative measures are being taken . We are confident that the perpetrators will be identified and will not escape justice . If the Western origin of the surface unmanned vehicles that attacked the bridge, as well as the role of Western countries in planning, sponsoring and carrying out this operation, is revealed, then this will confirm their complicity in the terrorist activities of the Kiev regime.

❗️ The Russian Foreign Ministry strongly condemns the terrorist attack against the Crimean Bridge, which is a purely civilian facility. We hope that the international community and specialized multilateral structures will show integrity and give a proper assessment of the next crime of the Ukrainian authorities .

Damage to the roadbed of the Crimean bridge resulting from the terrorist attack will be repaired as soon as possible. All attempts to disrupt transport links with the peninsula and tear off Crimea from the rest of Russia are obviously impossible.