Old Soviet DT 75 Bulldozer…

The Fish Village had broken their actual snowplow, but they had an Old Soviet Bulldozer waiting in the wings. A DT 75; The tractor has a 4 cylinder engine, it is a Volgograd model DT-75, or DT-750, and is one of the most popular Russian crawlers built. These things are everywhere in the countryside and still plowing and still moving earth. Yes they are old, but you use what you got…

– (VTZ)
Volgograd Built
– 1930
DT-75 Company
– “VgTZ”

But we now have an Old Soviet Bulldozer broken down at the top of the hill, by Vova’s home. It decided to have a rest and broke something…. or something human related happened…. It is old and was made in 1930 or so and the guys driving are old to…

I suspect the real reason it broke is because the guys plowing, had a few too many sips of warmth inducing drinks, that Vova supplied and driving the bulldozer back in the dark, may not work well. They had a UAZ 4×4 and went back in that. The bulldozer is waiting for them to come back and take her home… 😉

I am glad, for we do not need any trees tore down on the road back through the woods…


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