On May 9, the 77th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War is celebrated in Sarai, Russia (Big Village for those who follow me.)

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On May 9, the 77th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War is celebrated in Sarai. Along the main street of the workers’ settlement, the Sarajevo residents marched in a single column. Above them towered flags and portraits of relatives – participants in the war and those who created a strong and reliable rear in the years of severe trials.

In the central park, after the performance by Sarajevo artists of the Anthem of Russia and the song “Let’s Bow to the Great Those Years”, veteran Maria Vasilyevna Korostyleva and Yunarmeyets Yulia Kulikova raised the Victory Banner.

At the rally, the generation of winners was thanked. The head of the district administration, Viktor Voronkov, said:

The Victory Day brings all generations closer and unites and opens hearts towards each other. And today we do not hide our emotions. Such sincere feelings unite all residents of Russia. We haven’t forgotten anything. We remember and sacredly honor the valor of the soldiers of the Victory. It is in their honor that our processions, the thunder of the salute and the column with portraits of front-line soldiers are in their honor. We are confident that their feat, their victories will live forever. Glory to the victorious people!

In that war, the fraternal peoples of Russia and Ukraine liberated their lands from the Nazis together. And for sure they hoped that military conflicts would not shake the lands of the Slavic republics, – continues Viktor Petrovich. – Apparently, then, in the 40s of the 20th century, the shoots of fascism in Ukraine were not completely destroyed and sprouted several decades later. And as before, but now the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the victorious soldiers protect the civilian population of Donbass and Lugansk from nationalists.

The head of the Sarajevo urban settlement Alexei Novikov, the chairman of the district Council of Veterans Nina Chernysheva, retired lieutenant colonel, veteran of the armed forces Nikolai Kovalchuk, a student of the Sarajevo school Daria Dudyakova spoke at the rally.

The memory of the victims was honored with a minute of silence. Then the villagers laid flowers and wreaths at the obelisk.

The rally ended in drizzling rain. However, the holiday continues, and in the evening Sarajevo residents are waiting for a festive concert on the central square, fireworks and a disco.


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