Oops, the owner has come forth for Putin’s Palace, er I mean Arkady’s Palace…

It was Oops to the western media for even making it news…

Oops, “mash_breaking” went to Putin’s Palace!

Now “Oops” to the western media for here is the real owner of the Palace…

Russian construction mogul Arkady Rotenberg says he’s the owner of an extensive property on the Black Sea coast, which has been widely touted by Alexey Navalny and Western media as a secret residence of President Vladimir Putin.

The businessman gave a short interview to Telegram channel Mash, on Saturday, regarding the construction site in the Krasnodar region, which remains the focus of intense rumors both inside the country and in foreign media. Asked if he was acknowledging ownership of the site dubbed ‘Putin’s palace’, Rotenberg said: “This will be a secret no more. I am the beneficiary.”

He added that he intends to use the location as an apartment hotel, once it is finished.

“I like the hotel business…and have been involved in it for several years now,” Rotenberg said, adding that he owns several ‘objects’ throughout Russia. He explained that the site in question has a troubled financial history, but he nevertheless acquired it a few years ago, putting faith in its “gorgeous” coastal location, near the resort town of Gelendzhik.

Source: ‘I’m the beneficiary,’ Russian billionaire Rotenberg says he’s real owner of large Black Sea property dubbed ‘Putin’s palace’ — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Oops, the owner has come forth for Putin’s Palace, er I mean Arkady’s Palace…

Gonna be a hotel and yes that makes sense…with its location!


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