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#Opinion of M.V. Zakharova

đź’¬ The American portal “The Intercept” rolled out a huge investigation into how many violations biologists in American virological laboratories allow when handling dangerous pathogens.

A lot of.

Hundreds (!) of serious incidents have been reported in American biological laboratories over the past two decades.

The journalists sifted through more than 5,500 pages of government reports, including reports from the National Institutes of Health, and came to horrifying conclusions. Leaks occur even in the highest security facilities (BSL-4), which contain the most dangerous deadly and highly contagious strains. There are reports of real cases of infection, as happened with a graduate student at the University of Washington who, as a result of a medical error, was infected with the chikungunya virus. And in 2010, as a result of an autoclave failure, laboratory staff at the University of California had every chance of being infected with a lethal version of SARS, but, fortunately, nothing happened. Cases of “cascading failures” are also reported, which can directly threaten the epidemiological situation in the States.

And now it’s not about COVID-19. If such criminal negligence reigns in biolaboratories directly in America, imagine how American scientists do not care how strains are protected in other countries. And if there is any leakage, then this will be an excellent opportunity to conduct an external participant observation (for scientific purposes only, of course), and then also sell medicines to the affected population.

Win-win lottery. Deadly.



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