The Opposition in Georgia Considers Impeachment of Saakashvili!

Not the best translation because it is machine translated but it gets the point across. Georgia wants Sassy out of office…

2009-10-16 18:39 Georgia Times

“Opposition continue consultations on power shift, to be precise – replacement of the President Saakashvili. There are different ways to reach the goal. Protest actions, dialog. But there is one more method – it would be good if the Parliament itself started procedure of Saakashvili’s impeachment”, said Karlo Kopaliani, MP [Strong Georgia fraction] – Mir channel.

The main argument for Saakashvili’s impeachment – the report of the EU fact-finding commission, which called the authorities of Georgia guilty of the August events. In the view of the opposition member, the conclusions are enough to initiate the impeachment.

According to Georgian legislation, to implement the procedure of the President’s impeachment the opposition must have no less than 50 signatures of MPs. In that case the Supreme and the Constitutional Courts will consider it.

Looks like the article that I had a few days ago might be really happening…

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