Our New Camera Phone in Russia!

Today I tried out the new camera phone (The one I will use all the time.) and it is not quite as good as the older phone we had. But it does OK and cost a quarter of the last one! The day was very hazy and it looks like we finally have a touch of the ash cloud drifting in and we seem to have a brown haze in the sky.

This first picture I really liked because it shows the mentality of people and parking here. No lie – I can not get my finger between the cars. They are that close.

This is a long time favorite and it is a graffiti of a standard type washing machine here in Russia.

Of course we have to have a shot of our dog – Boza the Bear!
He always has his nose to the ground and sniffing as much as he can…

I think the camera phone that was killed in the “hit and run” the other day was better. But this will do and does a good job of recording those pictures that I find as I walk around Russia…

Everyone have a nice day!
Windows to Russia!