Why Do I Publish Windows to Russia?

One lie is all it takes for everyone to lose their faith in you. What makes the USA and lap-doggy’s think that doubling down on lies makes that rule any different? So why do I publish Windows to Russia? Because I like people? Because it is propaganda? Because it is fun? Because it makes me […]

Liberal, how it has changed…

The word liberal doesn’t mean what it used to mean. In the old days it simply meant “Open to new ideas or ways of doing things.” Those words do not describe what passes for enlightened thinking inside of our modern liberal movement. There is no longer any room for debate with these people. If you […]

I have really tried to love, Windows 10…

For the last few months I, with Svetochka’s verbal desire being brought forth, have tried to live with Windows 10. I am not able to do it. I installed it and made up my mind to live with it and force myself to really try to understand what is going on with the Windows 10 […]

They piss you off? Change it… (WordPress and Gutenberg became ClassicPress)

First I had to make things usable again on my WordPress site. This was after a boneheaded move by WordPress… Disable Gutenberg for your WordPress Blog… They had pissed me off and I have finally found the answer… The business-focused CMS Powerful. Versatile. Predictable. ClassicPress is a modified and enhanced version of WordPress (without Gutenberg) […]

Nord Stream 2 Is A Game Changer For Gazprom | OilPrice.com

It’s difficult to imagine an energy company that’s more hated and more closely monitored than Gazprom… Perhaps in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon spill, BP attained similar levels of public oversight. Nevertheless, defying most trends, 2017 will go down in history as one of Gazprom’s successful years: for the first time in history, its […]