Peace in Afghanistan and the Good American: by Nadir Mir…

Nadir Mir...

The world needs peace in Afghanistan (which of course starts with a US troop withdrawal). America’s Vice President Joe Biden recently stated – “The Taliban per se is not the enemy”. This is a step towards peace, which should be welcomed by everybody. The ‘Good American’ Vice President Joe Biden has always been known for his upright character and forthright views. Even after 9/11, during Bush Administration, and Dick Cheney’s blustering, Joe Biden voiced his independent views. Among America’s elderly statesmen, he hopefully understands Afghanistan’s need for Peace. The World also needs to hear some Common Sense if not Geopolitical Sense from others in Washington!

Ironically Biden’s statement was assailed from a number of quarters within USA. The Washington Post was skeptical, others were critical.’ Biden Does It Again’ was Fox News. (Anyone who speaks the truth or logic or preaches peace is to be ridiculed by American Globalist Media, even if it is Vice President of USA!) War lovers termed it as” Biden’s Jaw Dropping Gaffe”. The Times of India was perplexed by Biden’s Olive Branch to Taliban! (Delhi had earlier absurdly convinced itself of Washington’s’ perpetual animosity for Taliban and was now amazed by its perfidy. Delhi has yet to learn Real Politik American Style!). US official sources soon clarified the contents implying Biden meant something else, even as Jay Carney defended it from the White House! Karzai from Kabul welcomed Bidens’ pragmatic statement, clarifying the need for ending the feud with Taliban.

The fact of the matter is that if Taliban are to be constantly demonized (A propaganda requirement after 9/11) and are undefeated, how does US Army withdraw from Kabul? (And also save face) If American troops do not leave (they cannot win anyway, even if they do not lose Dien Bien Phu fashion) the war gets protracted. As long as US troops remain, the Talibans resist. (The rest of NATO European Troops do not even count in Taliban Calculations) Not only Afghanistan is tragically destroyed by war (First Soviets now Americans) but Pakistan is destabilized. US- Pakistan relations have nosedived from ‘unstinting support’ to going conflictual. With Iran ‘A Point Of No Return’ according to the Atlantic and numerous other world views (Including this scribe’s ‘Next War Iran’ published in Pravda Ru.) The region is boiling!

In Afghanistan the Strategic Grand Climactic (Turning point) has been reached. Washington’s choice is to relent or escalate. Relent in Afghanistan preferably by negotiated settlement with Taliban, and Pakistan on board. The war weary American Public, with over 70% people want US troops pull out from Afghanistan. (America’s longest War in history). In Germany over 80% Germans want their military involvement finished in Kabul. Culturally rich and peace loving Germans, living affluent lives have no reason to prolong an endless and meaningless conflict.

Time in any case is against US – NATO. Not only does economic decline in USA and financial malaise in EU warrant an end to the Afghanistan War. The element of time is on the side of the Taliban. As Russian Asurenipal reminded the quote of stoic mountain warriors (Of Afghanistan) –addressing NATO –‘You have the Watches, We have the Time!

Vice President Joe Biden was right that the Taliban were not the enemy. Then the good people of USA would ask – why are we fighting the Taliban, if it is not the enemy?

The simple answer – Time for Geopolitics of Peace. A negotiated Peace Agreement in Kabul to which Pakistan is a party and the Indians are not invited!

America’s soldiers should come home. Young American boys and girls should not die or be maimed anymore, in the treacherous mountains of Afghanistan. Nor Kill innocent Afghans or Pakistanis. The War has gone long enough. Are Ten Years not enough to prove that the American Soldiers are brave? How much more revenge does US seek for 9/11? But it’s also proven that the Taliban are even more tough and full of valor. Honoring a brave enemy is no dishonor (even if the Age of Chivalry is past –but not dead).

To end the confusion, who is America’s enemy? Those who attack America and those who drag USA into senseless – useless wars. After Osama Bin Laden’s killing by American Forces, 50-100 Al Qaeda operatives are estimated by US forces in Afghanistan and they are already decimated in Pakistan. Once the American Forces leave, peace will return, or strife will reduce in Afghanistan.

Now the news Mullah Omer’s name has been removed from the terrorist (FBI) list is even more welcome. The Afghan Taliban are heroic, frugal warriors, fighting a War of National Liberation (In their own perception). Departing US Troops have nothing to fear from the honorable Taliban. In any event after a decade long horrific war the Taliban also need peace. Yet the Globalists are disappointed. The liberal puppets of the region are pissing in their pants (due to indicators of US – Taliban peace prospects) and so called Regional Aspirant Delhi will learn an unforgettable lesson, if it tries to invade Afghanistan.

Vice President Joe Biden is now a Good American! Good Americans are those who are willing to move in the direction of peace. Bad Americans –Neocons, Globalists etc want to again conquer the world (and ruin USA!)The Good Afghans want peace, and exit of foreign forces (a prerequisite for peace). Good Taliban are basically freedom fighters, living their own lives, as per time honored culture and traditions. Good Pakistanis want freedom from their own treacherous and corrupt elite and withdrawal of US forces from Pakistan and Afghanistan. (Good Pakistanis do not want extremism in any form) Peace at home, peace abroad. Bad Afghans and Bad Pakistanis are those who support foreign wars for their own petty ends. (A minority of liberal puppets living on alien dole) It is time for Geopolitics of Peace. Status quo or stalemate is past. The choice is US Exit Afghanistan for Peace or a Larger Regional War. The American Choice-leave Afghanistan now or lose both Pakistan and Afghanistan later. Only the demented (Indian funded) would choose the latter!

All sane, smart men and women would opt for Global Peace. The world needs Good Americans who withdraw all US Forces from Afghanistan, to usher an era of peace followed by prosperity. Peace in Afghanistan and Good Americans are now synonyms!

(Geopolitics of Peace is an endeavor by Nadir Mir)

Geopolitics of Peace: by Nadir Mir. Author of the book “Gwadar on the Global Chessboard” Blog: Pakistan and Geopolitics The author is a retired Brigadier of the Pakistan Army.

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