Pee the Salt…

By | August 8, 2014

“Piss into the sea, you will find it in your salt!” said by a monk in Cambodia…

I was told this in answer to a question I asked many years ago and the answer fits more so nowadays than then. Iraq is what I was thinking about this morning as I sipped a wonderful cup of coffee and the fact that we have started to bomb Iraq again after declaring the war over many times. I never accepted this “War Over” aspect and have stated a hundred times many places, just as on this website, “I thought we said the war was over in Iraq?”

Well; didn’t we say it was over?

I asked the monk on a beautiful overlook at the sea, “What happens when we (U.S.) run home and leave our waste behind?”

* * * *

Oh how Iraq now once again fits that answer multiples of times and then so does Korea, China, Guatemala, Indonesia, Cuba, Guatemala (again), Congo, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Guatemala (again), Grenada, Lebanon, Libya 1986, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Iran, Panama, Iraq 1991, Kuwait, Somalia, Bosnia, Sudan, Afghanistan 1998, Yugoslavia, Yemen, Iraq 1991-2003, Iraq 2003-present, Afghanistan 2001-present, Pakistan 2007-present, Somalia (again), Yemen (again) and Libya to name what I remember…

* * * *

“Piss into the sea, you will find it in your salt!”

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