Perfect Morning in the Russian Village…

By | October 7, 2015

wake-upFive a.m. my internal alarm went off. I sat up and even Boza was still sleeping soundly, thus I pushed him with my foot and he groaned and looked at me. I smiled, for as soon as I would say the word, “Walk?” He would be bouncing all over the place, since he knows me well, he laid his head back down and listened to me start the coffee water in the boiler. Then he laid there as I grumbled at him to get out of the way, but of course he just lays there… 🙂

I fired up the computer, sipped my coffee and checked the weather, e-mails and comments. I looked over everything and set it all aside after approving four comments and trashing three. Then I said, “Walk?”

You would have thought that that word could raise the dead!

Boza jumped up and started to wiggle and squirm all over the tiny room. He wiggled and got in the way until I grouched at him and then as if on cue, he sat by the door and was a good boy. It is our normal pattern most mornings and he loves to push me until I get grumpy and grouchy then he leaves and acts like he did not do anything wrong. Which he did not do anything wrong, I just grump early in the morning… 😉

Then we walked…

The ground was frozen, the water buckets had an inch of ice on them, Boza was running at a hundred miles an hour and I just stood and breathed the most wonderful air. Perfect in all ways, clean, crisp and full of oxygen. I walked and noticed the moon was a sliver of itself, then next I noticed the huge star near the moon and that triggered me to stare. What I saw was our Moon, then in order of alignment Venus, Regulus (a star,) Mars, and Jupiter. I stood a stared, then from the old dormitory building exploded a hundred bats, they made a last loop in the sky, as dawn became prevalent, around the moon and the other heavenly bodies, then swooped into the dormitory area and became still and silent…

Then I looked down and saw Boza staring at the sky, just like I was and he noticed that I looked at him. He looked at me with his puppy dog eyes, as if to say, “That was really cool dad!”

Then as if on queue, a white cat ran out in front of us and the chase was on. Boza took off like a bolt of lightening, the cat screeched and ran like the devil himself was after him and I laughed, as I realized…

What a perfect morning!

Post by Kyle Keeton
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PS: The icing on the cake is when Sveta shows up…

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