Pet Peeve time! One of those moments; good thing there is coffee…

richRant ON!

Coffee-iconEvery once in awhile I see something that gives me one of those WTF moments. I am hard to make go WTF!

The link above gave me that moment. You have to understand that WTF moments were basically used up in my soul, many years ago. I saw and did things that no one should have to do, so I do not get surprised at virtually anything that is, happens and happened. Then along comes a article that kinda floored me. I am not sure why, but I think it is because, I watch so many around the world, struggle to even eat or drink water. That when something like the article link above shows its ugly head. I say, “What The #$%^!” (Or WTF for being nice to readers and such!)

Sorry, but sometimes, when I see something as stupid as what that link talks about, I get pissed, upset and wondering “Why?”

Bill Gates has a net worth of $90 billion of those greenbacks we call dollars. Not Gross worth, but net worth. Big difference. What is his gross worth? A trillion greenbacks?

Good thing I have my coffee to sip on right now. Thus, I will drink , my cup of coffee and be thankful that Svetochka, Boza and I have enough to survive and all my friends can say the same. That is good enough for me and everyone I know in my life now…

Really; what is it that matters?

A good bowl of soup? A friend to tell you how bad the world treats him and you listen? A garden that produces real food and is safe to eat at the same time? Water that is pure and plentiful? A good woman? A faithful dog? An old car that runs? Fresh air of a Tiny Russian Village? Friends that stand by you? A cup of real coffee? I could go on and on and they are items that money does not effect in any forceful way… (Well maybe the coffee gets expensive, but we all have a vice!)

Does someone or something need 90 billion dollars?


So while we Ra Ra Boom De Aye the news that Bill Gates is worth more than God himself and many others are worth more than the gods of Asgard have. While we dance in the streets as to how rich we all are, but actually only a few have any money extra, such as the Gates of life! We should stop and smell the coffee…

I guess when I watch people live on 10,000 rubles ($150 bucks more or less!) a month pension and live good and have all they need. Then I see the obscenely rich of the world, I start to ask, “WTF!”

Russian are rich in that aspect compared to many parts of the world. There are people living on $1 a day and happy they have that. So it is all in what you are use to…

What do you need all that money for?

I had an uncle that was filthy rich. I use to ask, “Why does he need all that money?” I actually got spanked as a child for asking such a stupid question…

I asked that question then as a small child and as a much older adult and maybe wiser, I ask the same question…

What does anyone or anything need more money than God himself and why are we even charged money for living on this planet?

I must have missed the part in life where a few persons bought the planet earth and let us live here, as long as we pay!

Rant OFF!


$90 Billion Dollars and for what? Microsoft? Software? Stolen goods? And we worry about Windows piracy? Think, associate, wake up and contemplate life? Oops, I said rant off! Sorry!

A survivor of six heart attacks and a brain tumor, a grumpy bear of a man, whom has declared Russia as his new and wonderful home. His wife is a true Russian Sweet Pea of a girl and she puts up with this bear of a guy and keeps him in line. Thank God for my Sweet Pea and Russia.