Powerful Russia Today Video That Gets to the Nitty Gritty on American Adoption With Russia

Take it how you want and no matter what your views in America are about adoption. If you want to adopt a Russian child in America, things are going to have to change. This video by Russia Today gives a good look at the issue and how Russia is looking at the situation…

Right now Russia and the US are working towards an agreement, (Russia expects a signing in May…) which would provide better government oversight on the well being of adopted Russian children in American families – something that would mean regular visits to the families by social workers from both countries.

Some say the biggest obstacle to an agreement is the overall secrecy surrounding adoptions in the US.

“In the United States of America once the adoption is finalized that child is considered the same as if born to the adoptive parents, a birth certificate gets re-issued. The adoptive parents never even have to tell the child they were adopted,” says Mirah Riben.

But Russia says Americans privacy issues should not be an argument for leaving thousands of adopted children without any oversight and protection.

“Any lawyer understands you cannot transport even a bag of potatoes across the border without any contract but small children were being taken by thousands without any agreements,” says Pavel Astakhov.

In the US, people wanting to adopt pay private agencies for assessments of their suitability as parents. This of course raises questions as to how objective those assessments can actually be. Once a child’s adopted, there’s no follow-up to see how they’re doing. If Jessica Beagley had not sent her video to a TV-show, no one would have known about her punishment methods – just as we don’t know about how many other adopted children are now subject to domestic violence in the US.

This is not a little issue and Medvedev just praised the workings of Paul Astakov. Paul was given the go ahead to do what he needs to do and get it done with no over-site from the Kremlin… (Link)

I understand that America has privacy issues but it looks as though some of those issues must be given up to have a better system of control for keeping the Russian adopted children safer…

In the past 10 years, dozens of Russian children have been neglected, while at least 17 have died in the care of their adoptive American parents. (Link)

That is not good because there should be no deaths except by natural causes. These deaths are usually caused by the adopted parent…

I hear the Americans say, “That is just a few that are issues…” I also hear that things are worse in Russia. So – That is not the point. Just because things might be worse somewhere else it is OK if you are not as bad? Wrong…

Sorry even one is an issue…

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