Prewarning – Very Important: Huge provocation by Ukraine to harm people and Western Press is going to lie about it all, UN has been notified…

​​⚡️Emergency Statement of the Joint Coordination Headquarters for Humanitarian Response in Ukraine

▫️According to the Russian Defence Ministry, the Kiev regime in Slavyansk has completed preparations for a monstrous provocation using highly toxic substances. In the next few days, SSU officers plan to blow up tanks with more than 120 tonnes of the chemically hazardous substance, hexane, at the oil and fats plant.

▫️Explosion of the hexane tanks would create a toxic cloud that would spread more than 10 kilometres away. All residential areas of Slavyansk and nearby settlements will be in the chemical attack zone.

▫️The specific cynicism of such inhuman actions by the Ukrainian authorities is that they are prepared to sacrifice tens of thousands of their own citizens living in Slavyansk, as well as servicemen of the Ukrainian armed formations stationed in the city, to achieve their criminal goals.

▫️Hexane is a powerful neurotoxin and carcinogen. Irritating to skin, affects lungs if inhaled, acts as a strong narcotic, causes drowsiness, dizziness, peripheral nervous system damage, numbness of legs, central nervous system depression and eye irritation. Prolonged inhalation of hexane causes chronic poisoning, leading to serious nervous system disorders, manifested by decreased sensitivity, rapid fatigue, decreased muscle tone and headaches. However, because hexane is capable of igniting spontaneously at ambient temperatures of plus 23-38ºC (followed by intense combustion and high heat release), an explosion could also occur due to the abnormally high ambient air temperature currently prevailing in Slavyansk district. The most effective emergency measures for protection against hexane vapour are to take cover indoors and to close windows and doors tightly. In case of poisoning, ensure fresh air supply to the victim and protect the respiratory system and skin.

▫️We recommend that the residents of Slavyansk and neighbouring localities take the necessary protective measures immediately.

▫️The purpose of this provocation is to accuse the Russian Armed Forces and Donetsk People’s Republic formations of allegedly indiscriminate strikes against potentially dangerous objects, using a well-established scenario, followed by extensive coverage in the Ukrainian and Western media.

▫️We once again emphasize that during the special military operation, the Russian armed forces and military formations of the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics are not targeting civilian infrastructure.

▫️We call on the United Nations, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to immediately influence the Ukrainian authorities and take effective measures to prevent this provocation.

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