Protests in Russia – 2011…

Looks like someone has not been paid yet by America…

Lets look at some e-mails I got about the protest in Russia:

I am a Russian women, protests are legitimate, we want Russia to become like USA ,with free market and more liberal values.

I want more immigration and more and more Russians can marry a non Russian mostly a black.

Russia must become multicultural society and lesbians and gays must be elected into Duma.

I want orthodox church to be removed and synagogue must be built in its place.

I want to see Russian society embracing Jewish values and wall-street firms will open their banks in Russia, with huge oil and gas wealth.

Russia has to invite more people and more immigrants, more interracial, gay, lesbian marriage.

We must become like western country and enjoy, and consume as much as possible.

Ben bernake must be elected as chairman of Russian central bank.

We can make Russia into another USA, I want to see Russia turning into Las Vegas casinos, pole dancers, every where.

Finally Russian women are hot, you can have some pleasure with all of us.

In terms that you simple mind can understand: We Want – NOT!


First, when I looked at the footage’s shown on the Western media, I didn’t pay much attention at the presence of “communists”. Because, this is the last thing I would expect to see — they not only nothing to do with those like Prokhorov, Kasparov, Nemtsov (the New Russians, who stole what Communists created), but, they suppose to be fierce ideological enemies…

But, then, to my big surprise I noticed those “suppose to be communist” slogans some protesters were carrying. And that made my day! Then, I started to pay attention on details and, I will tell you, it is much more entertaining (the protest) than I thought. No wonder it gathered so big crowd. By the way, by just looking at the crowd, I estimate only about 30-40% of those who are “protesting” (by their own will or because they have to) and the rest — random Muscovite’s who were just attracted by noise and colors of the demonstration. If you noticed many of them carry the shopping bags — probably were going to the market and were lost :-)

Anyway, I am sure that, those “communists” among protesters — just actors playing their role in this spectacle (whoever is behind it). The funny part of it — it seems, the “screen writers” didn’t even bother to look at the demonstration of the real Communists in Russia, because, the slogans look out of contexts and, therefore, just stupid and inappropriate. More like those “Russians” in the Hollywood movies whom even I cannot understand when they speak their “native” language.

Apart, of course, from the fact, that there are no those familiar patterns which every demonstrations of the Communists exhibit. For example, I didn’t see the “old” guys behind those banners with slogans. It was a group relatively young guys vigorously carrying the Soviet flags. Or, why so few of them? Normally, the Communists go in big groups. Also, why they are in the middle — to create impression that they are the core part of this show?

That raises the question — For whom those “communists” were shown? To Russians? Something is telling me that it is not the case.


You, Russian people protesting out there and asking for fair elections, you should have lived for a few years in the USA, “the champion of democracy in the world”. That would have straightened you up in no time… and would have made you realize you have far more freedom in Russia than in the USA…


Talking about March of 2012… I think, it would be funny, if on March 1st, Putin would load the “opposition forces” (Prokhorov, Kasparov, Nemtsov, Navalny and their supporters) on the cattle wagons and send them to the East Siberia to cool down and contemplate for some time on the questions — If the elections were fair? And, who is the King?

But, I think the Neocons do not have a sense of humor and might misinterpret that Putin’s gesture of good will. Though, I could understand them — they pumped some money in those guys and expect some return. So, it is not really humorous matter for them…


It it such a coincidence….

America is loosing influence, going bankrupt, kiil its citizens, has 50% of it people living under the povrety level, hates Putin BUT  it is in Russia that people wants things to change….bla bla bla..yes CIA is behind this. End of story. Rrussia has a great futur but the west is anger and does not want to fall down on it knee alone. This is only mass media manipulation. PUTIN is Russia’s future. In Putin we trust. Silent majority does not walk into this trap! CIA get a real job!

I send you picture – Hillary should pay what she owes they are waiting….


Their guy doesn’t win and they cry “foul” and commit anarchy. Some things never change.


That is all of them plus the one photo I was sent. The Russians are not near as vocal as the Americans when it comes to a blog in English but I was pleased with these expressions. I think I saw a couple of them on comments also on other sites. Tomorrow when I have everything back in line after the Ukraine trip we are going to talk about these English signs everywhere in all of these protests. They were all over Ukraine just as they are in Russia…

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia!