Putin and his Easter pictures…

☦️ President of Russia Vladimir Putin congratulated Orthodox Christians and all citizens of Russia celebrating Easter – the Bright Resurrection of Christ.

💬 Vladimir Putin: The wonderful, beloved Easter holiday gives believers hope, inspires good thoughts and deeds, and serves to affirm high moral ideals and values in society.

On this spring holiday, with a feeling of deep satisfaction, I want to note the creative , truly ascetic activities of the Russian Orthodox Church , other Christian denominations, aimed at preserving our richest historical and cultural heritage, solving key social problems, strengthening the institution of the family, educating young people, harmonizing interreligious and interethnic relations.

☝️ The Church has always been with the people , shared joys and hardships with them. And today, in the face of serious challenges, she is actively involved in the works of mercy and charity, helping people find a strong spiritual support.