Putin and the New Year – 2013…

Dear friends,

We are saying goodbye to 2012 as it is about to become history. This was an important year for our country. I would like to sincerely thank all of you for your efforts, your work and achievements, your trust and support.

In these moments, we are particularly aware of the fleeting of time, of how quickly our children are growing up, how much we value our families and friends, and how much we love them.

At this time, each of us recollects the events, encounters and words that have been most important. We all hope that New Year’s Eve will bring us good luck and a bit of a miracle – which, they say, the New Year sometimes brings.

imagesBut ultimately and above all, we rely on our own strength and on the people near us; on what we ourselves can achieve in our work, our studies and our creative endeavors; on how we can improve life around us and improve ourselves. So, let’s be more responsive and kind-hearted, more generous and caring toward our loved ones, our children and parents, our friends and colleagues, and everyone who needs our support.

As we face the future, we naturally hope for positive, joyful changes, and our personal plans are inseparable from Russia, from our heartfelt, noble feelings toward our Homeland. Its development and further advancement of its thousand-year-long history fully depend on our joint efforts and energy, our unity and responsibility, our aspiration to do as much good as possible. After all, only together can we, the people of Russia, move confidently forward, cope with all challenges, resolve the most difficult problems, and build a powerful, successful nation and a modern, prosperous, free society.

Dear friends,

Only a few seconds remain before the start of the New Year. I wish you good health, love and happiness! Let children be born and let all good ideas transpire into reality. Let there be joy and harmony in every home and in every family. Then Russia, too, will stand strong and indestructible.

I wish you a happy New Year in 2013!