Putin holds annual Q and A session Dec. 2018

By | December 21, 2018

Good Ole Putin…

Putin holds annual Q and A session Dec. 2018 from Kyle keeton on Vimeo.

Really good. Can you imagine any other politician talking for 4 hours and answering questions….Hell most politicians I see cannot even answer two or three questions about important issues surrounding the world and their own country…

Putin is a rare politician…


PS: The video is almost four hours long. I sized it to mobile size and thus, it is not able to be full screen and be clear. The original was just too big and I wanted the thousands of people on mobile to be able to get this video also. Mainly it is the questions and answers that are important and everything is translated into English…

“When it comes to ruling the world, we know very well where those who are trying to do exactly that, have their headquarters,” Putin said. “And it’s not in Moscow,” he added…

“Our economy adapted to [the sanctions]. Yes, there are negative effects, but there are also plus points from this whole sanction business,” the president said. “It made us switch our brains on in many areas.”

“If it was an illegal seizure, then the people of Crimea aren’t guilty of anything. But if they came and voted – then there was no annexation. Sanctions have been imposed against the Crimean citizens. But if they did nothing wrong – why were they introduced?” the head of state wondered.“And if they were imposed over the vote – then it must be acknowledged that the vote succeeded.”

“There were two. There were the presidential elections, that goes without saying – that was important for the whole country. And the football World Cup! That also turned out important,” Putin said.

“In general, this is very bad for humankind because it takes us closer to a dangerous threshold,” Putin referring to the prospect of a nuclear conflict. “If, God forbid, something like that were to happen, it would lead to the end of all civilization and maybe also the planet.” “These are serious questions and it’s a real shame that there’s a tendency to underestimate them,” he asserted.

“I don’t know what this is about. The US has had a presence in Afghanistan for 17 years, lets say? And almost every year it says that it is withdrawing troops from there. But they are still present there,” Putin said.

“I have never dreamt of becoming president, I had no such dream and no intentions of becoming one. This happened due to a set of circumstances and an offer from the first president of Russia,” Putin said.

Putin said that at different times in his life, he wanted to do different things. “I wanted to be a pilot for some time, then a military man, then, when I grew up, I wanted to work as a foreign intelligence agent,” the Russian leader said, noting that his desire to become an intelligence agent was based on films and books about this profession. “It seemed very important and interesting to me when a person working alone is able to achieve results that are important for the country on the whole and for millions of people due to the person’s knowledge, skills, love for the Fatherland, determination to succeed at all costs and self-sacrifice, especially if this takes place in special situations or war,”

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