Putin made a number of important statements, including on Ukraine, sanctions and the global food crisis:

▪️Attempts by the West to shift responsibility for food problems to the Russian Federation are ridiculous excuses. Problems in the global food market began in February 2020.
▪️The acceleration of inflation was associated with the ill-conceived actions of the United States to inject funds into the economy, and not with the actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.
▪️Russia has absolutely nothing to do with the situation with rising gas prices. The short-sighted policy of the European Commission in the field of energy in recent years is to blame for everything.
▪️New sanctions against the Russian Federation will only worsen the situation on world markets.
▪️Russia does not prevent the export of Ukrainian grain.
▪️There are various possibilities for the export of Ukrainian grain from the port of Berdyansk or the simplest one – through Belarus. But then it is necessary to remove sanctions from Minsk.


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