Putin & Medvedev on, “Happy Heroes of the Fatherland Day!”

Medvedev says,

A hero is a person who is ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of his Fatherland, protecting people in need of help. We have many Heroes with a capital letter. We are proud of them. We remember them. We take their example.

But in dull Europe, crazy from intellectual degeneration and fattened from the endless printing of dollars, but dementia-stricken USA no longer exists.

Therefore, we are stronger.

Therefore, we will win.

Happy Heroes of the Fatherland Day!




Then Putin says:


Today, on Heroes of the Fatherland Day we pay tribute to the courageous and valiant people, our compatriots who acted heroically in the name of the Fatherland, to save our near and dear ones, and in the interests of peace, prosperity and wellbeing in the world.

They have been awarded the highest state decorations – the titles of Hero of Russia and Hero of the Soviet Union, and the Orders of Glory and St George. We revere the memory of all defenders of our homeland, who selflessly fought for our country in different periods of our history – during the 1812 Patriotic War, the First World War and the bitter trials of the Great Patriotic War, defending Russia’s independence and the right to choose its future freely and independently.

Our very existence was made possible due to their heroism and selfless deeds in the name of supreme goals and values, and it is our duty never to forget this.

Deep appreciation for heroes is a feeling shared by all generations of Russian citizens, and an honest and sincere striving to be worthy of our great history produces new heroes.

The chronicles of Russian glory contain a vast number of names of those who fought heroically on the battlefront and distinguished themselves in civilian labour and service.

We are also proud of our contemporaries, who are doing their military, human and professional duties honestly and courageously, working towards the ambitious goals of stronger sovereignty and defence capability, selflessly saving human lives in hospitals and medical centres, attaining impressive achievements in the interests of national development, and thereby setting an example of faithful service to the people, society and the Fatherland.

I am confident that the chronicles of Russian glory will never be stopped, because patriotism, courage and readiness to assume responsibility in a difficult moment despite personal risks are the shared qualities of our people of different ethnicity, professions and age groups. It runs in our blood and the character of our people.

Each act of heroism and every person who commits it leave their mark on history, in people’s memory, showing again and again that dedication, strong will and sincere love for the Fatherland have an incredible power, which recognises no obstacles and for which nothing is impossible.

Congratulations on Heroes of the Fatherland Day!



I say, “Cool”…