Rallies Rallies Everywhere: But Only Russian Rallies Count!

I like when someone sends links to a mainstream news article from the western press. I have been sent this weekend 45 links on the same articles about the thousands and thousands of protesters in all the rallies all over Russia. These people want to know why Russia is in such bad shape and how come Putin is repressing everyone so bad. They want to know why does the Russian government not allow everyone to rally in peace? (As far as I can tell only one rally was interrupted and that was because of the normal, not sanctioned and we will hold it anyway attitude!) All the e-mails have the same theme. I can not believe this is happening, bad evil Russia and poor mistreated people are now tired of the evil Putin.

My article this weekend: Russia and America: Weekend of Rallies!

My favorite are the links to articles that are written by reporters in Moscow. They start these articles with a line that says, “Our Moscow correspondent Blah blah blah!” As if that makes it worth believing. They still write and answer to a Western press!

My favorite question or statement that was asked of me is about “The Day of Wrath!” The people must be really mad and upset, huh! This statement was treated as a new thing in Russia! Sorry – “The Day of Wrath” was started in 2008 so this is old news…

In fact Russia reports about her rallies and reports about who they arrested. They do not hide anything and the Russian press does a fine job of letting us know what the facts are. You might want to look at ITAR-TASS.

The articles that links are sent to me are from MSNBC – Yahoo – Washington Post – New York Times – Washington Post (Again) – ABC – to name a few. The fact is that these articles are all the same and all very wrong in there information! But that is Ok, because they come from a Western news source and Western news reporters and Western news ideologies… 🙂

My question is: Why so much time invested in a poorly reported news article when right in America 15,000 people were at the Capital in Washington DC? The amount of people in the Russian rallies, pales in comparison to what is happening in America.

I want you to try these two links:

Russian Protests!

American Protests!

Interesting difference and only one word was changed. The name of the country. If I was to believe what I just saw, I would have to believe that Russia is a turmoil of disaster and America had a weekend of everyone happy and go lucky as can be. There is a trick to searching for items about America that they really wish that you would never search for.

Well lets search with more details!

Washington DC Protest 2010 —- That did it! It just takes more steps to get the dirt in America and I sense that most people will not look very deep!

I had to be much more specific and much more detailed to receive the information. I also could have put tea party in the search and gotten there also. With Russia I just have to enter basics and anything that happened today is there in all its glory! In fact as you dig deeper you find that America had rallies on the 18th of March – “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and the 19th of March “End the War” and the 20th of March – The one we talked about above. Sounds like America had a whole lot more issues than Russia ever has!

The fact is I should have been able to type in American Protests and get all the protests that happened this weekend. Just like I was able to for Russia. They are the hot news and should be reported by all the news sources. What I see as I surf the World Wide Web (WWW), is a different set of standards for America than the rest of the world when it comes to searches. But then America controls the web…

Windows to Russia!