Recipie From Russia: Here in Russia it is Shashlyk Time!

Windows to Russia!
Lets make a Simple Shashlyk today:

Here in Russia it is Dacha season. So that means it is Shashlyk (Shashlik) time. Now everyone has their own Shashlyk recipe and we have my own.

This recipe here is a basic version to get you started. After trying it then you have to create a family recipe to pass down through the years. We consider lamb to be the best by far. (lamb also can be cooked rarer except when mixed)

So we will not give you our complicated recipe. (It is our secret and oh so good.)

Shashlyk is Russian type of kebab. Marinated chicken, fish, lamb or pork skewered and grilled to perfection with vegetables make this the ultimate cookout food.

Ingredients: (Basic style)
* 1 lb – lamb, fish, chicken or pork trimmed of all fat, and cut into 2″ cubes (or mix of all four)
* 1/2 – cup lemon juice from real lemons
* 1/2 – cup olive oil
* 1 – teaspoon black pepper
* 1 – teaspoon salt
* 1/4 – teaspoon ground red pepper or maybe not 🙂
* 4 – medium onions, cut into quarters
* 1 – pint cherry tomatoes
* 2 – large green, red or yellow peppers, cut into 1 inch chunks (or all)

In a bowl, combine meat, olive oil, lemon juice, pepper, salt and red pepper. Allow to marinate at least 2-3 hours (preferably overnight) to marinate prior to cooking. (You can use any of your favorite veggies that you want, we like eggplant and raw cabbage)

A. Place marinated beef on skewers (about 6 cubes per skewer). Be sure to apply a light coat of oil on the skewer prior to threading the meat.

B. Place vegetables on skewers, alternating type of vegetable. The meat and veggies are cooked on different skewers because the meat will take longer to grill.

C. Or place all on same skewer like I do. (I am just trying to give you all options)

A. Cook meat on skewers on a grill or under broiler for 10-12 minutes,or until desired doneness. Turn over every few minutes to ensure even cooking. (always make sure meat is done)

B. Grill vegetables on skewers for last 5 minutes of grilling. Turn. The vegetable should be crisp and tender. (Be careful not to overcook)

C. Or do like we do and just cook them together and when the meat is done it is done. Veggies are burnt and delicious. 🙂

In Russia Shashlyk is the single most enjoyed food of the summer months in the former Soviet Union and as you drive the countryside in Russia. Shashlyk stands have sprung up everywhere with their tempting smell of cooked grilled meat wafting in the air…


Windows to Russia!
Kyle and Svet