Rulers of Russia Since 1533…

Ivan IV the Terrible 1533–15841530
Theodore I1584–15981557
Boris Godunov 1598–1605c.1551
Theodore II1605–16051589
Demetrius I21605–1606?
Basil IV Shuiski1606–16103?
“Time of Troubles”1610–1613
Michael Romanov 1613–16451596
Alexis I 1645–16761629
Theodore III1676–16821656
Ivan V41682–168951666
Peter I the Great41682–17251672
Catherine I 1725–1727c.1684
Peter II 1727–17301715
Anna 1730–17401693
Ivan VI 1740–174161740
Elizabeth 1741–17621709
Peter III 1762–17621728
Catherine II the Great1762–17961729
Paul I 1796–18011754
Alexander I 1801–18251777
Nicholas I 1825–18551796
Alexander II 1855–18811818
Alexander III1881–18941845
Nicholas II1894–191771868
Prince Georgi Lvov1917–19171861
Alexander Kerensky1917–19171881
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin1917–19241870
Aleksei Rykov1924–19301881
Vyacheslav Molotov1930–19411890
Joseph Stalin81941–19531879
Georgi M. Malenkov1953–19551902
Nikolai A. Bulganin1955–19581895
Nikita S. Khrushchev1958–19641894
Leonid I. Brezhnev1964–19821906
Yuri V. Andropov1982–19841914
Konstantin U. Chernenko1984–19851912
Mikhail S. Gorbachev1985–19911931
Boris Yeltsin1991–19991931
Vladimir Putin2000–1952
1. For czars through Nicholas II, year of end of rule is also that of death, unless otherwise indicated.
2. Also known as Pseudo-Demetrius.
3. Died 1612.
4. Ivan V and Peter I the Great ruled jointly until 1689, when Ivan was deposed.
5. Died 1696.
6. Died 1764.
7. Killed 1918.
8. General secretary of Communist Party, 1924–1953.

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