Russia: American in South Ossetia Tells "it’s not just war, but war crimes!"

American says U.S. and Georgia to answer for violence in South Ossetia

Joe Mestas, American citizen living in South Ossetia, who witnessed everything that happening in the region, talked to RT and blamed U.S. and Georgian leaders for the outbreak of violence.

“I thought that since U.S. is supporting Georgia there would be some control over the situation in South Ossetia and that there would be a peaceful solution to the conflict. But what is happening there now it’s not just war, but war crimes. George Bush and [Georgian president] Mikhail Saakashvili should answer to the crimes that are being committed – the killing of innocent people, running over by tanks of children and women, throwing grenades into cellars where people are hiding,” Joe Mestas said.

“The war is when military fight against military. But the Georgina army is killing innocent civilians. This is genocide,” he added.

Video of interview with American from South Ossetia….

More truth of what is happening in South Ossetia!

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